Luv Potion

Luv Potion


Each piece is cut from one slab of polymer clay in a design that will not be repeated. Completely one-of-a-kind jewelry made completely by hand.

*Made with 925 Sterling Silver Earring Hooks for sensitive ears

Always some imperfections with polymer clay earrings. I think it gives the earrings more character but if you are not satisfied with your order, let me know and I willl happily re-make it for you!

   Thank you for supporting your local artist community!   

  • Care Guide

    - Do not wet polymer clay earrings.

    - Avoid using chemicals, solvents, perfume, jewelry cleaners, or any aerosol products near the earrings.

    - In the case that it becomes dirty, wipe with a soft, damp cloth. You may also use a cotton ear swab dipped in acetone to wipe lightly on the surface of the earring--this does NOT apply to earrings that are hand painted, have gold leaf, or are coated with varnish.

    - If your piece is varnished, hand painted, has gold leaf, is glittered--use a baby wipe to gently clean the surface of the earring.

    - When not in use, store polymer clay jewelry in a box or a separate compartment. Keep away from sharp objects to avoid scratching the surface. This will help with the preservation of each handmade piece.

    Although polymer clay is durable, it can still be chipped, scratched, or broken, so practice caution when handling and wearing.